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The fusion of Technology and Marketing


Limay is focused on developing high-tech solutions to meet the ever-evolving demands of businesses

Who we are?


Join us to be a part of the tech revolution

Who we are?

Limay specializes in developing high-tech solutions to meet the ever-evolving demands of businesses with a focus on marketing. Our advanced IT and AI-driven systems are designed to streamline workflows and optimize operations, helping organizations achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

What we do

 Automated PPC

Our algorithm takes campaign optimization to the next level, by passing the traditional learning curve, our Automated PPC solution delivers results from the outset. The algorithm can analyze millions of queries at once, accurately predict user behavior, and automate bidding optimization, enabling us to anticipate campaign results before launch. In summary, our solution streamlines campaign management and provides accurate forecasting, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Work-hard, Play-hard


What we like

Drive, digital-obsessed and excited by what we do — that's us.
We live to get the best results for our clients, especially if it means doing something no-one's done before.


We think as a team.

With co-workers, with clients, with media owners, we work together, creating online experiences people
really connect with.

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The kind of talent we look for

Smarter than the rest, your default setting is wondering 'What if?' You're into the latest development in digital, constantly curious about what's new, and up to speed with industry opinions in the press.

You can see the big picture without losing sight of small details, and you never stop finding ways to make things better.

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It's not just about work

Because we hire great people, you'll find like-minded sorts in every corner of our organization. So it's no surprise that our teams often hang out together outside work. There's usually something coming up on the social calendar, for team-building days to after-work drinks to helping out in our local communities.

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30 Derech Sheshet HaYamim st., Champion
Tower, 35th floor, 5120261 Bnei Brak, Israel


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